This is a highly cost effective and efficient PWM charge controller which could be incorporated in any UPS/Inverter or as a ‘Stand-alone Charger’ for Solar Panels, charging batteries. Driven by a Microcontroller, it has high Open Circuit Voltage limit and a good Vmpp range for a PWM design. Automatic Mains disconnect/reconnect feature and Automatic DC Load disconnect/reconnect feature make it a complete application friendly solar charge controller. The LED indications include Solar charger On/Off and Battery Boost/Float charging. It is available in 12V/24V models with charging current from 10A-50A

PWM24 - PWM Charge Controller 12V/24V


A DSP based true MPPT design with an efficiency of 98% and the widest Vmpp available in the market : 14-40V for 12V models and 28-60V for 24V models. The Open circuit voltage limit is as high as 66V. Automatic disconnection and reconnection of AC mains and DC load are provided for efficient usage of Solar and for longer life of Battery, respectively. The LCD displays MPPT On/Off status, MPPT o/p voltage, MPPT o/p current and all Trip messages. It protects the solar unit from lightning, Short Circuit, Overload, Panel High Voltage, Panel reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity and also blocks reverse discharge to panel.

MPPT24 (MPPT Charge Controller - 12/24V)

MPPT 360

This is an MPPT charger for higher power solar applications. One of the first and best available in India, with a peak efficiency of more than 95%, this rugged MPPT charger is available from 48VDC to 360VDC and from 20A to as high as 300A, which makes this as a most sought after charger in its category. The Voc limit is two and half times the nominal voltage. The nominal input voltage to the charger should be between +20% and +50% of the DCV of the system. This gives ample freedom for the integrator to arrive at a convenient combination of the PV panels he wants to install. MPPT360 has a wide Vmpp range of 13V-19V per panel. It has an LC display which shows MPPT parameters such as MPPT o/p voltage and MPPT o/p current, along with all Trip messages. It is protected from Lightning, Panel high voltage, over current, Panel reverse polarity and Battery reverse polarity, apart from over temperature and battery over charging.

MPPT360 - MPPT Charge Controller : 48V -360V