(1) Solar Smart Hybrid Home UPS :

This is just one of its kind Solar Hybrid UPS available in India with true current sharing between Grid and Solar most effectively and efficiently. It has a micro controller based PWM Charge Controller which can handle upto 20A charging current. When the Solar is available, the grid power will not be used for battery charging or for the load. Load works from Solar power. Mains will be used only when the battery voltage is below a preset voltage (adjustable). When mains is on, Solar and Mains do not load each other like in other UPSs, but the charging is done with the intelligently shared current. An outstanding feature is that if the UPS gets overloaded while working on Solar, the load gets shifted to Mains, automatically. Again when the Battery charge reaches a preset high level, Mains is cut off and the load gets shifted to Solar/battery.

Capacities available are 400, 700, 900 & 1100VA in 12V and 1.6kVA & 2.2kVA in 24V. The Open Circuit Voltage is 110% more than the system DCV and the Vmpp range for 12V is 14-18V & for 24V, it is 28-36V. The maximum panel wattage that can be connected to a 12V system is 400W and to a 24V system, it is 800W.

The output is pure Sinewave and all other regular features in a Home UPS is available in this as well. Our proprietary features such as Hot swappability of batteries, SMPS charger on mains and anti MOSFET blast lock and our famed ‘safest short circuit protection’ etc also are incorporated.

Smart Hybrid Home UPS (with PWM Charger)

(2) Off-Grid PCU with PWM Charger (PPCU) :

The functioning of this PCU is same as that of Solar Hybrid UPS. The main advantages of this PCU are : (a) the charge controller is designed for the full capacity of the PCU and (b) the transformers used are sufficiently over rated for long durations of working ( inverter works for longer durations by discharging battery and thus ensures maximum usage of Solar power) and are made of Copper for higher efficiency. Thus user can connect upto 1000W panels to a 12V unit and upto 2000W panels to a 24V unit.

Output is pure sine wave and PPCU is available in 1kVA(24V) and 2kVA(24V) models.

Off-Grid PCU (with PWM Charge Controller)

(3) Off Grid PCU with MPPT Charger - MPCU :

The functioning is quite similar to the PCU with PWM charger. The main difference is in the efficiency because of the true MPPT design with a cutting edge DSP based design. The Vmpp ranges of 14-40V in 12V models and 28-60V in 24V models are the widest available in the market. The Open Circuit Voltage is a whopping ‘5 times the DCV’ for 12V models and ‘3 times the DCV’ for 24V models. This also has an LC Display to show the MPPT On/Off, MPPT o/p voltage and current and all the trip messages. Automatic mains Disconnect-Reconnect function enables maximum usage of solar power. Like in all our other models, even this PCU boasts of a perfect current sharing of Solar with Mains for the best functioning of the intended usage. This feature ensures preference for solar power, proper charging of batteries by efficiently harnessing both soalr and mains power and also that battery is never over charged by both sources loading each other.

MPCU is available in 1kVA(24V) and 2kVA(24V) models

Off-Grid PCU (with MPPT Charge Controller)

(4) On Grid PCU with MPPT Charger (GPCU) :

When you want to depend solely/only on Solar power, or for high power solar applications such as solar power plants, you can use this extremely rugged and highly intelligent PCU. This uses a MPPT charge controller which has a peak efficiency >95% and harnesses all the input sources – Solar, Battery, Grid power / DG – in the most economical and application friendly way. You can connect any kind of critical load since it uses an Online topology.

The most fascinating feature of this PCU is that when solar is available, the grid doesn’t get switched off but grid power is also not used for charging or for load. And batteries do not get discharged when solar is available. Solar charges the batteries and also powers the load. When solar is not available, you have a choice of using the mains or battery. Battery capacity could be very low, if you do not want to store the power.

The DC input to the MPPT can be between +20% and +50% of the system DCV. The Vmpp per panel is between 13 & 19V and the open circuit voltage is two and half times the Nominal Voltage. The maximum Charging current that can be set is 40A which covers all normally possible battery capacities. LCD displays all MPPT parameters and all state of the art protections are provided for smooth functioning and long life.

The Grid (Mains) charger is also highly efficient because it is Power Factor Corrected (IGBT Rectifier). GPCU is available from 48VDC to 360VDC and from 1kVA to 100kVA capacities. Pure sine wave output and galvanic isolation between i/p & o/p are other features that make this PCU, a true winner.

On-Grid PCU (with MPPT Charge Controller)