Main features in Lagnuvo ONLINE UPS systems

Lagnuvo Online UPS systems are used in mission critical applications such as for medical equipments – MRI / CT Scan etc, for large networks and for industrial applications such as CNC machines.


Digital Technology: Microprocessor based digital control ensures pure and perfect sinewave output delivering accurate voltage and clean power. It increases speed and efficiency of power conversion and facilitates communication interface between the machine and the user.

Double Conversion Topology (With Galvanic Isolation): This UPS topology provides complete isolation from the incoming distribution system and the load at the UPS output. Continuous protection of load is provided from the Inverter, whether it originates from AC-input supply or the battery. Wide input voltage tolerances, precise regulation of the output voltage and frequency and a no-break transfer to bypass mode are the other main benefits with double conversion.

Active power factor correction: The advanced technology used in the rectifier section with active power factor correction reduces power consumption by 30%. It reduces input current as well as voltage harmonics and helps to considerably downsize the generator or utility power rating. It has a soft-start feature to avoid in rush current.

Parallel systems and Redundancy: For your most critical loads, Lagnuvo series iON Online Systems could be configured to upgrade power and to ensure total redundancy. The UPS output can also be synchronized with an entirely independent secondary power source. This guarantees operation without any single point of failure.


Power Management and monitoring software: Lagnuvo’s Suraksha ™ is one of the most advanced UPS software available anywhere in the planet. With three different versions – VS, I and iC – it provides comprehensive open communication solutions. It monitors and informs the user about the power status and in cases of mains absence, before the end of battery back-up time, it saves all files and correctly performs a shutdown of operating systems.

iC Suraksha enables the UPS to be directly connected to an Ethernet network as an intelligent peripheral. Its colour graphic diagram shows UPS status and displays all parameters and information and event log. The entire data can also be transmitted via modem to a supervision center for both remote notification and diagnosis.

Technical Data

  • Features of Power Factor Correction Technology

    • Input power factor is improved to >0.9 in single phase machines and ) >0.95 in three phase UPSs.
    • Green UPS - Power consumption will be bettered by 30%-40% compared to conventional UPSs.
    • The conventional phase angle control technology, which is the reason for huge power loss and low power factor is completely avoided.
    • THD will be improved substantially.
    • Widest input frequency range :45-55Hz – means wide fluctuations in frequency like in the case of old generators etc will be handled well.
    • Walk-in starting ( softstart) with programmable duration for added safety.
    • All Intelligent controls through microcontroller.
    • Intelligent mains high voltage cut off.
    • Fail proof battery overcharging cut off.
    • Real Intelligent Automatic Battery Management (ABM), for highly critical applications. (Optional)

Low Cost Online UPS with PFC:

The market is flooded with Chinese make UPS systems in the range of 1, 2 and 3kVA online ups systems. There are many disadvantages with these machines, some of them are given below:

  • Disadvantages of Chinese low cost UPS systems:

    • These low cost UPSs are not only low in cost, but in quality as well.
    • They are all transformer less designs and work fully depending on the main card – motherboard.
    • Highly sensitive to electrical disturbances. Since input and output neutral is common, there is no isolation and failures are rampant.
    • Once the UPS fails, the cost of repair is probitively high because invariably, the main card has to be replaced.
    • Also, proper service support is absent because even the supplier has to depend on some distributor.

Lagnuvo has designed an online ups to overcome all these problems and at the same time the cost is kept low. They have the following features:

    • Double conversion technology, ensures galvanic isolation between input and output. UPS and equipments connected are absolutely safe from any sort of input electrical disturbance.
    • Power Factor Corrected – the power consumption is kept as low as possible and saves 30%-40% electricity compared to conventional UPS
    • Dramatically improved THD
    • Prices are low and are comparable to Chinese UPS systems in this range.
    • Fool-proof design ensures very low downtime. Even in such rare cases, service and support is easy, since components used are locally available with a fully equipped service centre. Lagnuvo is a 15 yr old, Bangalore based company.