Sine Wave UPS

These are for essentially computer type loads where the back up required may be 30 min to four hours. As a major Sine Wave UPS manufacturer, the capacities available with us are 500VA(12V),and 3kVA(48V).

In a line Interactive UPS (earlier known as OFFLINE ups), the load is connected to the mains supply which is stabilized directly. The moment the power fails the load will be switched over to the output of the inverter. There is a definite switch over time in Offline UPS which can be between 5ms to 20ms. Upto 20ms, interruption in power will not be felt while using the computer because the SMPS input capacitor, will supply power to the computer.

Line Interactive UPS is a variant of Offline UPS. In a Line Interactive UPS there is only one transformer which, when the mains is present is used for stabilization of output and also delivers power for charging the battery. When power fails the function is reversed and used as INV transformer.

This kind of a design reduces the overall cost and also is more efficient. It must be noted the inverter remains OFF when usable utility power is available.

All these are designed based on Microprocessors to give enhanced reliability and features. Some of the unique features are 145VAC AVR, no load cut off and advanced charger. All models are equipped with RS232 interface which can work with SURAKSHA- VS version.


    • Microprocessor based technology for high reliability.
    • Wide voltage window for AVR : 145-300VAC
    • Built-in DC start function (cold start)
    • Automatic restarting after a trip
    • RS 232 interface
    • Generator compatible
    • VS Suraksha filesaving and shutdown software